San Francisco Traffic School

Your Traffic School, Your Way

When you have a traffic ticket weighing on your shoulders, the last thing you should worry about is how to handle it! With your quick and easy San Francisco Online Traffic School, you can keep your public driving record in good standing right from the comfort of home.

  • Set your own schedule
  • No classroom or instructors
  • Work when you find the time
  • Convenient for busy drivers like you!

This course has been fully licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to meet all state requirements for masking at traffic ticket. Simply contact your local branch of the San Francisco Superior Court and request permission to take traffic school. Please note that you may only take traffic school in San Francisco once every 18 months.

Quick & Convenient

There’s no reason to sit through a classroom course during your valuable free time when you can simply take a San Francisco-licensed online traffic school! With this course, you have:

  • 24/7 access from any computer
  • Lessons that adjust to your schedule
  • A self-paced platform

Take breaks whenever you need them, and work on your course when it’s convenient for you. That’s the best part of studying online – your traffic school is available whenever you are!

Traffic School
$ 19 .95
California DMV-Licensed
Am I Eligible for Traffic School in California?

Most drivers who have received a minor moving citation are eligible to enroll in traffic school. The California DMV will send you a letter of notification informing you of whether you qualify for a course. The general requirements are as follows:

  • You must be a non-commercial California driver
  • Your license may not have any suspensions
  • Your violation may NOT be in excess of 25 MPH over the speed limit
Meet Requirements with Ease

Your San Francisco Traffic School online course is only 8 chapters long, so you could start and finish in the same day if you chose! Then again, you have the option to work through the material at a relaxing pace as well. You’ll study one single subject at a time for easier concentration, and instead of a tedious textbook, you will learn through:

  • Animated video lessons
  • 3D graphics and visual guides
  • Audio clips and interactive elements
  • Multiple-choice quizzes

Each chapter ends with a 10-question quiz to prepare you for the questions you’ll see on your final exam. When you get to that final, you’ll find 25 multiple-choice questions that are directly taken from the lessons. Better yet, you only need a 70% to pass, and you can retake the exam again if needed!

Automatic DMV Reporting

We take care of processing and reporting your course completion straight to the DMV, leaving you without any paperwork or red tape to deal with. We’ll also offer a Proof of Completion during your registration process, so that you have your own copy of your course to keep within your personal records. This is especially handy if you’re looking to qualify for an insurance discount!

To follow up with the DMV on masking your traffic ticket, please contact your San Francisco branch at:

California Department of Motor Vehicles – San Francisco County
1377 Fell St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: (800) 777-0133

24-Hour Support When You Need It

Our Customer Support team works around the clock to ensure you have the service you need whenever you need it. Whether you’re studying at noon or at midnight, you may contact any of our friendly, professional representatives to have your questions answered.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Over 10 years of providing industry-leading online California traffic school courses has helped us learn exactly what it takes to make our customers happy. We’ve got the course you need at the price you’re looking for, without any of the hassle that you’re trying to avoid. If we can’t make your experience as easy as we promise to, then we’ll refund your money. It’s all part of our Money-Back Guarantee – because you deserve to get exactly what you pay for.

California DMV-Licensed
Got a Traffic Ticket?
  • Keep Your Public Record Free of Points
  • Study at Your Own Pace
  • Money-Back Guarantee!
$ 19 .95