Orange County Traffic School

Gone are the days of long hours in a classroom, reading through a boring textbook. If you’ve got a traffic ticket, you can take care of it right on your computer! Simply take this quick and hassle-free online Orange County Traffic school course, and you’ll be on your way to a clean public driving record without any inconvenience or fuss.


This online traffic school for Orange County meets every single requirement as a classroom course, without the hassle of sitting in one for 8 hours! It is licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in concordance with the Orange County Superior Court. Traffic school has never been easier!

Meet Ticket Needs from Home

Sit back, relax, and work toward clearing up your driving record with ease. Taking your Orange County traffic school online gives you freedom that a classroom just doesn’t afford!

  • 24/7 access from any computer
  • Log in and out whenever you find the time
  • Study around your own schedule
  • Set a comfortable pace without any pressure
  • Take as many breaks as you want

You don’t have to listen to an instructor or follow anyone’s rules but your own. This course is made for drivers just like you, with busy schedules and things to do!

You’re Eligible If…

To meet an Orange County traffic ticket requirement, you must first:

  • Receive notice from the DMV of your eligibility
  • Possess and maintain a valid CA driver’s license
  • Confirm that you have NOT taken a traffic school course within the last 18 months

As long as you meet these criteria, you may contact your court and inform them of your intentions to take traffic school in lieu of a violation and points on your record. For a deeper look at the traffic school eligibility requirements for the state, please visit our Eligibility/How It Works page.

Traffic School
$ 19 .95
California DMV-Licensed
Quick & Easy Lessons

The course is comprised of 8 single-subject chapters that take you swiftly through the material with videos, animations, audio clips, and 3D graphics. Each chapter ends with a simple 10-question quiz that reviews the lesson thoroughly, and which you can also use to go back and review your lessons any time you want before the final exam. When you get to your final, you’ll find 25 multiple-choice questions pulled directly out of your course. This way, you’ve got all of the answers in front of you, and you’ve seen them before! You only need a 70% to pass, but just in case, you can retake the exam a second time if you need to.

We’ve Got You Covered

The best part of taking your home-study California traffic school online (aside from being able to do it from home!) is that once you pass your final exam, you’re completely done! We take care of the processing for you, and report your information directly to the DMV. You’ll never have to turn in a single piece of paperwork, or wait in any line. If you need to contact your local DMV branch for confirmation, you can do so here:

California Department of Motor Vehicles – Orange County
1330 E. 1st St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(800) 777-0133

We can also provide you with a copy of your Proof of Completion, to ensure that your personal records are accurate and up to date. Choose from any of our delivery methods at sign-up: email, download, or standard U.S. Mail.


For over 10 years, we have provided the industry’s highest-quality courses for the most affordable prices around. Your Orange County traffic school course is award-winning, and has been created by expert designers and professional traffic instructors to ensure that you meet every state requirement without the hassle. No one can give you ease, convenience, and affordability like we can.

With a 30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, over 4 million satisfied customers, and 24/7 Customer Support, we’ve proven ourselves to be the leaders of the pack. Join a nation of safe and responsible drivers, and begin your Orange County Online Traffic School today!

California DMV-Licensed
Got a Traffic Ticket?
  • Keep Your Public Driving Record Clear
  • Study at Your Own Pace
  • Money-Back Guarantee!
$ 19 .95