Contra Costa Traffic School

Your Computer is Your Classroom!

When you receive a traffic ticket in California, your only option used to be a traffic violator program requiring hours spent sitting in a classroom with a group of people you didn’t know. It interfered with your schedule, imposed strict deadlines, and certainly didn’t let you study when it was convenient for you!

That’s where your Contra Costa online traffic school comes in! Now with this easy Internet course, you’ll meet all California DMV requirements through your computer, right from home. You’ll never sit in a classroom, never rearrange your schedule, and you can study whenever and wherever you want.


100% DMV-Licensed

This course has been certified by the California DMV to meet all traffic ticket requirements throughout the state. So no matter where you received your ticket, you’ll be able to complete your Contra Costa County DMV-Licensed traffic school right from your computer – no classroom required!

For more information on California traffic school licensing requirements, please contact your DMV at :

California Department of Motor Vehicles – Contra Costa County
2070 Diamond Blvd.
Concord, CA 94520
Phone: (800) 777-0133

Quick & Easy, Just for You

You’ve got complete freedom and flexibility to study whenever it’s best for your schedule. This online Contra Costa includes:

  • 24/7 access from any computer
  • Unlimited logins and logouts
  • Self-paced and self-scheduled lessons
  • Automatic Memory Recall to save your work
  • Professionally-created multimedia chapters
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • A 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
Traffic School
$ 19 .95
California  DMV-Licensed
Am I Eligible?

When you receive a traffic ticket in California, the DMV will mail you a notice of eligibility regarding traffic school attendance. As long as you meet their basic criteria, you will qualify to mask your citation through a state-licensed traffic school. These basic requirements include:

  • Possession of a valid California driver’s license
  • Lack of outstanding violations on your driving record
  • Citation for of a minor moving violation

You can only take traffic school once every 18 months; if you have previously enrolled in and completed a course within this time frame, you will not qualify to mask your ticket this time around. Please note also that you must still contact your court, admit guilt to your violation, and inform them of your intentions to complete traffic school.

What Can Traffic School Do For Me?

A traffic ticket isn’t just a one-time cost. When you are convicted of a violation, points will be assessed to your driving record, which could be reported to your insurance company. These points can cause your insurance rate to skyrocket, leaving you with a hefty ticket fee, along with more money doled out month by month for a long-term financial hit.

Traffic school in California prevents that violation from hitting your public record, meaning your insurance company will never see those points. Your insurance costs will remain the same, and you’ll never shell out another penny because of a mistake you made once while driving.

Short Chapters, Fast Completion

This course was specifically designed to be fast and easy to finish, so that you can mask your ticket from your public driving record as quickly as possible. The 8 lessons are broken down into single subjects for easy concentration, and focus on safe driving topics such as:

  • Road signs and signals
  • California traffic law
  • Common traffic issues such as speeding, yielding, sharing the road, etc.
  • Night driving and highway safety
  • Vehicle maintenance

You’ll take a 10-question multiple-choice quiz at the end of each chapter, which can be reviewed and retaken as many times as you’d like. When you finish all of the units, you’ll take a 25-question final exam that pulls its questions right out of your course – so you already know every answer! Just in case you need another attempt to score a 70% or higher to pass, you may retake your exam again.

No Textbooks – Just Fun!

Nobody learns well when they’re bored! That’s why this California online traffic school course is chock full of animations, graphics, videos, audio clips, and interactive elements to keep you engaged with the material. It even speeds along your studying, since you don’t have to go back and review things over and over again because you weren’t paying attention!

Quality from the Leader

With over 10 years’ experience and 4 million satisfied customers, we have everything you need to keep that ticket off your public record with comfort and ease. We’ve lead the industry with our expertly-designed courses and superior customer service, and we promise to provide you with everything you need for a quick and stress-free experience.

With 24/7 Customer Support and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you can rest assured that your needs will be met in any way they can. Start your course today, and meet your traffic ticket requirements tomorrow!

California DMV-Licensed
Got a Traffic Ticket?
  • Keep Tickets Off Your Public Record
  • Study at Your Own Pace
  • Money-Back Guarantee!
$ 19 .95