Top 5 Reasons to Take California Traffic School Online

by sem on June 7, 2013

California traffic school online course

Whether you’re trying to dismiss a ticket, keep points off your record, or get an insurance discount, a traffic school class could be the answer you’re looking for. These days you can meet California DMV requirements and take traffic school online in a leisurely manner. Still not sure? Check out this list of 5 great reasons to take California traffic school online.

 1.   Save your Saturday for fun.

If your image of California traffic school includes dull gray walls, boring lectures, and tedious texts, then you have it all wrong. The old days of sacrificing your precious Saturday to a traffic school class are over! You can easily pass a class from home with an online California traffic school course. They’re usually cheaper, they don’t require you to drive all over town, and they give you the chance to learn at your own pace.

2.   Animations and audio are much more fun than lectures.

No boring textbooks here. Online traffic school in California features the latest technology, animations, graphics, and even audio or video to make learning the rules of the road more interesting, and dare we say — fun! Yep, you can ditch the old black and white textbook for a colorful, creative course that uses modern methods to teach.

3.   Save money with lower insurance rates.

Some people might think an 8-hour California traffic school is more painful than getting a root canal. They’d rather just suck it up and suffer the consequences of their ticket, paying the higher insurance premiums. However, by completing an online California traffic school course, you can save yourself some money. In fact, some drivers can save money on auto insurance by voluntarily taking traffic school — even if you haven’t gotten a ticket. Check with your insurance carrier to find out if you’re eligible.

4.   Learn something you didn’t know.

Can you tint your car windows? Do you need to use your horn to pass another car? There are some unusual laws on the books in California and it can be hard to keep up. Laws change fast, but you can avoid costly tickets and stay up to speed by taking an online traffic school class.

5.   You never have to leave your house.

When we say you can do it all from home, we’re not exaggerating. Seriously – online means you’ll never have to leave home. Register, pay, complete your course all in your pajamas if you want! Your completion certificate will be automatically filed with the DMV for you, so you really won’t need to get dressed. Need help? Call or email Customer Support from home. No driving around, no wasting time – your computer is your gateway to finishing California traffic school when it’s convenient for you!

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